The fashion industry needs to be made more sustainable by reusing fabric and raising people's awareness. Therefore, Malang Studio is working to give evening gowns a second innovative life by upcycling. Professional clothing with a perfect fit promotes professionals' job satisfaction. Tailoring professional wear with a perfect fit so that professionals want to wear it longer. That is an important mission of Malang Studio.

The driven K. Malang came to us asking if we would help her realize her big dream. She has now opened her first own studio in Amersfoort. She commissioned us to create a website for her studio.

"I am a very picky person, as a clothing designer. Nevertheless, SMARTi convinced my very early in the project with some good variants for my website. The end result fits my studio perfectly," says K. Malang.

We enjoyed working on this project. What was special about this was the "upcycling" service, a way to give new life to old clothes. Furthermore, it was a challenge to give a local company a face online by creating matching house style and logo.

Project facts

NameMalang Studio Website
AssignmentHouse style creation, logo design, website design and development.
Duration1 month
Good luck100%