Kristal Clinics is the high-end clinic for fillers and other aesthetic procedures in Rotterdam. The treatments are performed with the utmost care and attention to detail by BIG registered and qualified doctors. Crystal Clinics stands for natural results with a subtle touch-up. We believe everyone is naturally beautiful and highlight your beauty with our specialized treatments in BotoxFillers and Russian Wire elevator. In addition to natural results, we emphasize individual beauty, which is why we pay close attention to your needs before, during and after treatment.

One of the projects we are extremely proud of involves that of Drs. Samana Clinics aka Kristal Clinics. The assignment seemed complicated at first, but after consultation, it turned out to run super well. The creation of house style, website, digital marketing and online booking system formed the core of the assignment.

"SMARTi is an accessible talking point for us. We can always count on them with all kinds of questions and requests.", says M. Jamsheed, Manager at Drs. Samana Clinics

Setting up digital marketing campaigns can be counted as the most special aspect of this project. Finding the right target group and appropriate content was an exciting search, but very successful. 

Project facts

NameDrs. Saman Clinics (Crystal Clinics)
Assignment house style development, website design and development, digital marketing and online booking system
Duration3 months
Good luck100% and