XLMobiel.nl has a large collection of cases and accessories for phones and tablets. You can also find many peripherals in our range, such as bluetooth speakers, powerbanks, headphones and tablet cases. We have a dedicated team that follows the trends in the market and you can see that in our assortment. In particular, XLMobiel.co.uk's assortment consists of products from a number of well-known brands. The most important are cases and accessories from the brands Guess, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini, UNIQ Accessory and Pierre Cardin.

XLMobiel.nl thus provides mobile accessories. The telecom industry is always very innovative and novel. Our assignment was to create a contemporary webshop with possibilities to sell on external platforms. From the beginning, we knew this was going to be a fun project.

"Thanks to SMARTi, we now sell on our own webshop, as well as on Amazon and Bol. Everything runs smoothly and order processing is very easy," said the manager of XLMobiel.nl

The most challenging part of this project was selling on external platforms. There are many intermediate links that make this possible, but automatically feeding correct and complete data to platforms such as bol.com and amazon.com can be complicated. Nevertheless, we were able to bring this project to success in a short period of time.

Project facts

NameWebshop XLmobiel.co.uk
OdrachtCreate webshop, automatically link products and orders with bol.com and amazon.co.uk
Duration1 month
Good luck100%