"You guessed it, eyebrows are my passion! From this passion, I am fortunate to open my own salon in 2016 where I make clients' brows look their best every day. This passion for eyebrows has also led me to develop two eyebrow power products: the Brow Boost Oil and the Brow Boost Fixer. I can proudly say that these are truly my babies. I brought them to life myself and I am immensely proud of the end result!" is how Ghazal describes himself.

In this project, SMARTi helped make Ghazal's dream a reality. In fact, in addition to automating appointments, a web shop section was created. This allows customers to both make an appointment and purchase a product. 

"SMARTi's short lines and personal attention during this project gave me a lot of confidence to delegate everything," Ghazal said.

The balance between an online booking website and webshop was the special aspect of this project. Together with Ghazal, we carefully considered ratio of information such as text and images on each page. In addition, the entire website should have a natural look, which symbolizes ingredients of Ghazal's Beauty Products.

Project facts

NameGhazal Beauty Online
AssignmentOnline booking system for services, web shop for products
Duration1 month
Good luck100%