"At JobPoint It is all about the perfect match between employee and employer. We help you as an employee to bring out the best in yourself through training and coaching and we help you as an employer to achieve your goals with the help of the best candidates. From our offices in Rijswijk and Rotterdam, our team of specialists always provides a suitable solution that matches the wishes and ambitions of both client and candidate," is how the organization describes itself.

In this project, we worked on the "rebranding" of JobPoint. This included creating overall look and feel for the digital media such as website and socials. But also the printed house style and digitizing certain primary processes.

"We find the short lines of communication very effective and efficient. SMARTi is always easily accessible and responds quickly to our needs. The cooperation is also friendly and pleasant.", JobPoint bv

Working for an organization that spearheads recruitment and talent development, we found tremendous learning. From the beginning, we helped create a good marketing strategy. In addition, we designed and developed a well-functioning website, with lots of front-end and back-end automation functionality.

Project facts

NameRebranding JobPoint
AssignmentHouse style creation, marketing and promotion plan, website design and development
Duration3 months
Good luck100%