"The dentist is one of the most important people in a person's life. They are responsible for taking care of your teeth and giving you the best quality of life. Dentists who want to give personal attention to their patients choose a flexible schedule. Our dental office is very attentive to this. At the Delft Dental Practice we have every attention to you as a patient. Therefore, we work flexibly and transparently. We go one step further and offer a transparent pricing model, so that the patient knows in advance exactly what he will pay. We also offer consultations," is how the practice describes itself.

This project is the second in the series of website and marketing projects in the medical sector. In this project SMARTi collaborated from the beginning to develop house style, create marketing and promotional plan, design and develop website.

"We found the communication and clout at SMARTi to be very professional. Our wishes were always taken into account. Yet valuable advice was given." The Delft Dental Practice

Working for medical clinics is always challenging and special. In this project, we helped create a good marketing strategy from the beginning. Moreover, we designed and developed a well-functioning website, with many front-end and back-end automation functionalities.

Project facts

NameMarketing the Delft Dental Practice
AssignmentHouse style creation, marketing and promotion plan, website design and development
Duration2 months
Good luck100%